The right people are the most important element which empowers new technology. Providing exceptional IT talent and scalable staffing solutions that enable clients to be more agile and productive.

Whatever your staffing challenge, we can help you to solve it.


Traditional recruitment model

only pay when a candidate is sourced and placed by us. We focus not only on finding great candidates but ensuring they are the perfect fit to grow with your company.


Remote IT Staffing (Outstaffing )

Whether you are a new business trying to keep costs down or an individual needing support on a specific project, our services can be tailored to your needs. We’ll match you with experienced IT staff all at a flat predictable monthly fee.

Connecting best talents with greate companies

We build trust. A client can expect that we’ll have a strong understanding of their challenges. We provide talent solutions that make sense.

From engineers through to CTOs, we can find the perfect candidate for your business. We take into account personality fit, skills and experience to ensure we match you with the perfect temporary, contract or permanent placed professional.

Tell us your plans

Tell us about your tech stack, requirements, preferences, and the number of positions we need to fill. The information you provide helps us structure the recruitment process and encounter the most suitable candidates. You envision it – we hire tech specialists accordingly.

We dedicate a recruiter

Once we have established your hiring needs, we dedicate a recruiter to take charge of sourcing tech talent, interviewing them, providing insights and feedback, and everything in between. Our RPO service enables consistent end-to-end recruitment adjusted to your necessities.

We monitor the data

We follow the recruitment metrics to estimate your status and create the ideal hiring tactic. We refine the hiring process by analyzing time per hire, cost per hire, and identifying the source of hire. The gathered data helps us upgrade all procedures and obtain lasting results.


If you’re looking for your next job in tech, our specialist technology team can help. From permanent positions to contract roles, we can connect you to employers of choice in Canada, USA, The UAE, and West Africa.

By working with us, you get to interview for several openings at a time while communicating with only one recruiter.

We’re proud to be able to assist a diverse range of candidates, regardless of gender, age, sexuality or race. We actively monitor and measure the placement of under-represented groups to ensure that we improve, month on month. We also spend a lot of time helping and educating employers about the benefits of hiring a diverse and inclusive team.

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